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Why sell your storage facility when you can use Lucky Hills to get your storage facility back in shape. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to make your storage facility a well-oiled machine. Not sure how to get into the storage industry, we can help make this dream become your new reality. Our services are customizable to meet your needs and goals. Contact us today to let us know how we can help your storage facility and storage dream. Call us at: 262-777-1102 to get your plan started today.

Lucky Hills Affiliation Benefits:

  1. Rent Pricing Help for your facility
  2. Advertising Assistance
  3. Client Referrals
  4. Help resolving past due rents
  5. Help resolving other storage issues
  6. Your Storage Website listed on our website

Starting a Storage Business:

Building a new Storage Facility:
1. Finding Land The most cost-effective way to enter the storage business is to build a facility from the ground up. This can also take the longest time frame but financially is the route to pursue. We can help you find the right land for your storage site as this can be a challenge to overcome.
2. Getting Permits We will work with your local and state governments to help secure permits and the proper approvals you will need to begin to build your facility. This can be a challenge but with our knowledge and experience we can work with these government bodies to help you be on your way to building. 3. Building your facility We will work to find the right contractors to build your site. In addition, we will also find the right company to buy your buildings from. We have a full understanding why having the right components in building will help you be up and renting sooner rather than later.

Finding an existing site to purchase: We will go over the market area and the information to help you make an educated purchase. There are many factors in if a facility is a right fit for ownership. Let us help you find the facts so you can be profitable on day one of ownership.

Updating your current facility: We can help make your facility look like new again. Giving a fresh new look to an older facility can be an undertaking but we understand the importance of curb appeal. A clean and upbeat look can help bring potential renters to your facility that would have gone elsewhere to rent a unit.

Self-Storage Management:

On Site Management: We can have onsite fully trained staff on your site so there is never a missed sale and opportunity. We will take care of the day-to-day operations and making sure the facility stays in immaculate shape year-round.

Off Site Management: We can manage your facility from behind the scenes making sure the site will stay profitable for you.

Self-Storage Business Improvement:

Increase profitability: We will find options for increasing profits with out playing any silly games. We have options that are easy to implement that do not requiring renters to buy or be a part of something they do not want.

Increase retention: Having excellent retention is key when keeping your facility profitable. We will work with you to ensure retention is maximized.

Marketing improvement: Using the correct marketing outlets can be challenging, we can design and manage your campaign to make sure it is seen by prospective renters.

Increased facility efficiency: By having your facility operating efficiency, will help improve numerous areas of your storage business as well as keep your costs down. Let us help and implement tactics to get your facility running efficiently to increase your profitability.

Call Center:

Answer your storage facility’s phones: Answering your phone is one of the most important ways to rent and keep renters. We have trained our specialists to make sure they are achieving high conversion rates to help provide your facility with high occupancy rates.

Answer your storage facility’s emails: An email is like a phone call and must be answered promptly. We can monitor and respond to your emails to make sure no potential renters are missed.

To inquire about our storage management services, give us a call today at (262) 993-4442 or fill out our contact us form today!